The Heart Core Warriors always have heart space for you!

The Heart Core Warriors always have heart space for you!

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What We Do

As heart-led educators, we are on a mission to reconnect women

to their true authentic selves.


Through a combination of coaching styles, practical techniques and simple strategies we are creating confidence and empowering women of all ages to find a new sense of purpose and self worth.

Our 1:1 coaching sessions are tailored to your specific requirements and goals.

We provide a safe space with zero judgement, designed to give you the freedom to reconnect with your true authentic self.

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We offer training across a variety of modules.
Some are self paced, some are live and interactive depending on your preference.

In our group programs, you also have the opportunity to connect with fellow warriors and share your experiences.

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In addition, we are building a brand new space dedicated to all things menopause!

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Inside Outside Online

Everything we do revolves around one or all of these fundamental areas...

Inside - reconnecting to self, mindset and inner work

Online - everything from practical skills to your brand and visibility

Outside - considering the external factors, friends, family, lifestyle

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Meet Debs


Debi has previously struggled with a lack of self confidence. She hated looking at herself, hearing her own voice and literally ran away from the camera! Debi had no clue about personal identity, self awareness or freedom of expression.

Fast forward to today and Debi has created an instantly recognisable personal brand, grown her own confidence IMMEASURABLY by learning from peers, taking action and creating a confidently authentic personal identity.

Now in post-menopause, Debi has a vast range of knowledge on all 3 menopausal stages and has experienced almost all of the 34 main associated symptoms.


After learning 'the hard way', Debi now teaches other women how to navigate through this often traumatic time drawing on her own story and emotions. 


Debi also helps women embrace their unique personalities and true values to become the best version of themselves, as well as having exponential growth in self worth and belief.​

Meet Georgie

In the past, Georgia was debilitated by a crippling lack of self connection which affected her ability to self regulate and maintain inner calm. This disconnect sadly resulted in addiction which was injurious to her mental and

physical wellbeing.

Today... Through integrative holistic modalities, using a 'from the bottom up' approach, feeling centred mindfulness of the emotions and feelings, expanding awareness and uncovering beliefs that before prevented her from living a fully engaged life - now Georgia has self compassion, trust in her inner guidance system and ability to acknowledge and accept herself holistically.

Georgia now shares these methods, including Breathwork and TFT, to help others reassess themselves and their previous life experiences. In turn, this enables them to have a positive and curative response to a situation rather than reactive. This gives her Clients the belief and power to manage any scenario in an effective way.


Now approaching peri-menopause, Georgia is actively researching what will come next for her and helps women overcome the shock and disbelief that the early

stages can bring about.


Georgia will utilise her holistic techniques to equip others and prepare them for the journey ahead.

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